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Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

There are many reasons why you might consider adoption for your baby. Only you are able to make the decision that is best for yourself and your child.

Caring for your child yourself with government support and assistance, having a family member care for your child or temporarily placing your child in Foster Care are some of the other options that you may chose to take.

If you chose to place your child for adoption, it will mean that they are received into a family that are seeking a child, giving them the gift of a lifetime.

If you decide to place you child for adoption the process is as follows:

(Please note this process may vary slightly from state to territory).

Contact an Adoption Agency

First – You must contact your state or territory Adoption Agency – contact links are on the Gift of Adoption Home Page.


A Counselling session will be arranged for you to discuss your Adoption Plans

Temporary Care

Temporary Care can be arranged for the child while an adoption family is found. From the time you give consent for your child to be adopted to the time your child is placed with a family can take 2-3 months. If arranged, you may visit your child during this time.


You will need to sign an adoption consent form in front of a court official. If the Father of the child is known, they may be involved in the consent process. Consent cannot be given until 16 days after the baby is born. Before you sign a consent form you can express your wishes about the race, religion and ethnic background of the adoptive parents.

You may withdraw your consent within 21 days after giving it.

Visitation Rights

After signing an adoption consent you are given the opportunity to indicate your wishes

in writing:

• whether you and/or a relative want contact with the child after adoption and, if so, how often

• whether you would like information about your child to be provided after the adoption and, if so, how often

• whether you would like the conditions for contact and information exchange included in the adoption order

Selection of Adoptive Parents

The adoption agency will shortlist some potential adoptive families based on suitability. You may have the opportunity to indicate which family you would like your child to be placed with. You may also request to meet the adoptive family before the child is placed with them.

Placement with Adoptive Parents

The child is introduced to the adoptive family and the child is placed with them shortly afterwards. The Process from consent to placement is about 2-3 months.

Adoption Order

After about 12 months the adoption agency recommends that the placement proceeds to legislation and an adoption order is made. After the Adoption order is made the rights, name and inheritance of the child are all legally linked to the adoptive family.

If arranged, you may still have some information/visitation with your child.

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