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Local Adoption

This is when a child from your State or Territory is placed for adoption. There are currently fairly low numbers of local adoptions. Local Adoptions also includes where a family member e.g. grandparents legally adopt their grandchildren. This can also be called "known adoption".

The process for local adoption is:

(Please note this process may vary slightly from state to territory).


Information sessions are the best place to get answers to your questions about adoption, and aim to help you decide if it could be right for you. They're held regularly throughout Victoria, and you must attend one before you can proceed further with an application. View the dates and times of the Infant Adoption Information Sessions Schedule. The sessions are held to help you understand the processes and what you have to do to move on to the next step: attending the training sessions.

For more information about these sessions contact your local Adoption and Permanent Care team directly.  Contact links are on the Gift of Adoption Home Page.


Once you've attended an information session, and you wish to continue with your application, the next step is to attend training sessions. These sessions will help you understand the adoption process and provide more detailed information about what adoption in Victoria is like today. They will also help prepare you for the challenges of bringing an adopted child into your family.

If you've undertaken fertility treatment, you must have completed it at least six months before attending a Training session.


Once you've completed the training sessions, you'll complete a detailed application, which involves police checks, medical checks, a working-with-children check and other documentation. References will be required. If you're in a de facto relationship, documentary evidence will also be required.

Choose your state:


A social worker from your regional Adoption and Permanent Care Team will meet with you a number of times to prepare an assessment report for a committee, which will then consider your application. You are given a copy of the report and are invited to participate in the committee meeting.

For state specific information, choose your state or territory to the right.



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